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27 > 29/04/2022


We are very happy to invite you to the Dair’Innov congress that will be held in Namur from April 27th until 29th. This event is co-organized by the European project HappyMoo and the Austrian project D4Dairy.

The objective of the conference is to present the current and future innovations to benefit cow welfare and dairy farming sustainability. A special emphasis will be put on the use of technologies and milk analysis-derived applications to assess and alert about cow welfare.


HappyMoo aims at providing dairy farmers, vets and extension workers a tool to monitor cows’ welfare and in particular the freedom from disease, hunger and stress. Several data are used to build models and in particular the possibility to use the mid-infrared spectrum of the milk to predict an impairment in those 3 freedoms is investigated.


D4Dairy’s overall goal is to provide digital support to dairy management via a data-driven, networked information system, exploiting the potential of advanced technologies (mid-infra-red spectra, genome information, …) and advanced data analysis to further improve animal health, nutrition, animal welfare and product quality.

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